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DΣRT has been trying to make it in music his whole life. He picked up guitar as a troubled middle schooler who was forced to stay in his room as punishment. After those tortuous years he made his way out on the road trying to make it as a country singer. 

After playing a show to 24 people with their backs turned to him at a bar in Reno, Nevada he decided to tag along with the "Storm Area 51" group in 2019. Nobody made it past the guards... except him.



Scrap makes a minivan look cooler than your Lambo. His complete self absorption is a wall that many have tried to break through with very little success. 

His confidence has come with a price, however. From a power plant intern to the savior of his home city to a desperate junkie, Scrap has been through it all. 

One thing's undeniable though, he's got chops.


Bass - Vocals

In a move of final desperation, Mel brought Scrap from their home planet of Gaea to seek medical treatment at Area 51, an establishment her medical mogul father founded. 

In contrast to her lifelong friend Scrap, Mel has a snarky, albeit sincere, appreciation for the world around her. 

Is she going to compliment you on how it looks like a family of bunnies dedicated their entire lives to shedding enough fur to make the world's softest sweater? Yes.

Is she also going to call you a nerd for how your new glasses make your face look dumb? Absolutely.

Twinny Five

Guitar - Synthtar - Keytar

Twinny was dropped off on this dump of a planet as a rite of passage in his intergalactically nomadic culture. As soon as he arrived, the entire planet shut down for the Covid-19 pandemic forcing Twinny to stay inside, an arrangement he was perfectly fine with. 

Twinny gravitated directly to Scrap and became a favorite subject of his practical jokes. In fact, when Scrap joked Twinny should learn guitar so they could form a band he did. And he got really, really good really, really fast.

Apparently Twinny doesn't even like music that much. 


Synth - Programming

// (pronounced D.D.) remains as shrouded as Area 51 itself. And for good reason, as A51 is purportedly his home. 

What little we've been able to gather about // indicates that he was an AI project that escaped to the dark net. 

His answer to, "How did you decide to join D3RT?" the only question that's been verifiably answered by him in an AMA that lasted exactly 1 question, was: 

"Meh, it's easy enough I guess. Alright, that's good for one day. Deuces✌️" 

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